Saturday, January 20, 2007

Eddie Vedder and Laird Hamilton on Sundance

Season 2 of the Sundance channel series Iconoclasts is currently re-airing, and episode one was great. Eddie Vedder waxes philosophical with one of the world's greatest athletes, Laird Hamilton.
The premise of the series is pretty cool: In this original series, leading innovators and creative visionaries come together to discuss their passions and creative processes to provide viewers with an inside glimpse into the inspiration and motivation that made these iconoclasts who they are today. Previous episodes have featured Michael Stipe with Mario Batali (weird combo) and Robert Redford with Paul Newman.
This show documents Vedder and Hamilton hanging out in Hawaii together, surfing, painting, and discussing their views on life. Laird has a sick spread of land overlooking one of the most vicious waves in the world, Jaws, which he and his crew were the first to surf and live to tell the tale. After flying around and surfing Maui, Laird attends a Pearl Jam show in california, which he gets to by biking 75 miles, rather than drive. The dude is extreme.
The show re-airs today at 2 PM, and Wed. the 24th at 1 AM. Check it out.

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