Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Del Reeves (1932-2007)

A few days with no posts, and our first of the new year is another sad announcement.

Del Reeves, one of the best truck-drivin' country singers of all time, died New Year's Day after long battles with emphysema and other ailments.

I was first introduced to the music of Del Reeves when I was a little kid. My dad loved truck driving songs, and Del Reeves and Dave Dudley were the two best. "Looking At the World through a Windshield", and "Girl on the Billboard" are absolutely fantastic songs. If yo haven't heard them, go find them.
Son Volt does a great cover of "Windshield" on a compiliation CD called "Rig Rock Deluxe" which features Kelly Willis, Shaver, Junior Brown, Buck Owens and many others doing covers of truck driving songs. Great disc, totally worth picking up.

Rest In Peace, Del Reeves. You will be missed.

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