Thursday, February 1, 2007

The reunion to end all reunions

It seems I have overlooked what may be the biggest "band" reunion of them all.
Another Bad Creation (AKA ABC) is reuniting!!! Do you remember them? Of course you do. They had two big hits "Iesha", and "Playground". They are probably all in their mid 20's now, so singing about the playground might be a little weird.
Forget the Police, forget Van Halen, forget the rumored Led Zeppelin and Genesis reunions. ABC is where it is at.
Now if we could only get Boyz II Men and Bell Biv Devoe back together, than we could have a tour with the whole East Coast Family. Word.


Domestic Goddess said...

For the record (and I am saying this because I am from Philly) Boyz II Men did NOT break up!!!! SO there!
But, I'd love to see New Addition. Let's see Bobby Brown!

isadorable said...

That popping sound you hear is western civilization imploding.