Friday, February 16, 2007

Will this be band breakup week?

A few weeks ago, it seemed like every band ever in existence was reforming and announcing tour dates. So there must always be some yang to the yin.
Chris Cornell has announced that he is leaving Audioslave. I'm sure not too many people are sad about that one. Audioslave never came close to either RATM or Soundgarden. And lets face it, some of those Audioslave lyrics were just awful. "Be yourself, it's all that you can do." That reminds me of when I was in High School, and they would round us up for these multi-media assemblies, and it would start with "Right Now" by Van Hagar, in some feeble attempt to connect with us, and make us want to "be all that we can be." Crap like that makes me nauseas. Hopefully Coachella won't be a one-off for Rage.
Next up, Ian Astbury has announced that he is leaving "The Doors", so he can reform the Cult. That is great news. I guess he realized he wasn't happy playing in a cover band, when he himself had created some really great music.

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