Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thou shalt not see "The Ten" (out on DVD next week)

I am a huge fan of The State, Stella, Wet Hot American Summer and all other things with David Wain, Michael Ian Black etc. So I was super excited about seeing The Ten, David Wain's film of ten short stories each about one of the ten commandments. The cast looked great. Adam Brody, Winona Ryder, Paul Rudd (who never lets me down, probably because I haven't seen any of the crappy movies he has done, only the good ones) Bobby Canavale (fantastic in The Station Agent, one of my favorite films) and almost everyone from The State. On paper, and according to the trailer, I should love this movie.
I finally watched it the other night, and it just plain sucked.
Sure there were some funny jokes here and there, but the stories would just sort of end. Not end in a bad SNL "We have no idea how to finish this single joke sketch so lets all just start dancing and pull the camera back and cut to commercials" kind of way, but more of a "What the hell was the point of that?" kind of way.
Paul Rudd usually makes me laugh just with his snarky facial expressions. Here it seemed like he was struggling. Every episode of the hilarious show Stella (cancelled by Comedy Central) was way way funnier than this movie. Hell, "Wainy Days" viewable for free on "MyDamnChannel.com" is way funnier than this.
I would highly recommend not seeing this movie. Don't see this movie, pretend you never read this review, and leave the David Wain resume unblemished. And Paul Rudd, why the hell are you in a romantic comedy with Eva Longoria, in which "A ghost tries to sabotage her former boyfriend's current relationship with a psychic."? That can do you no good. It's not like you are hard up for work right now. Judd Apatow and his crew are making like 19 movies as we speak, and you are probably in all of them. And why the hell is The State not out on DVD yet???


DavidWain said...

I've found that people who've had a similar reaction to you have truly enjoyed the film much more, even loved it, upon second viewing. This was also often the case with Wet Hot American Summer. Might you give it another chance? And watch with an audience if possible!

David Wain

Theresa said...

I think that David Wain should come over to our place, I'll make a green bean casserole, and we'll watch the movie again together. Maybe he can bring his friend that makes fake mustaches.

str8edgechris said...

Just took it off my netflix thanks to your recommendation.

P.S. 22 days til' LOST....