Monday, March 3, 2008

Citizen's arrest time

Sometimes I wish I could pull people over for traffic infractions, and shred their drivers licenses on the spot. Every day I see careless and wreckless driving, and it is starting to drive me nuts. Sometimes I wish I could just take away their licenses for being dicks.
Cell Phones are illegal without hands free kits here in New York but no one seems to care. I've seen people reading newspapers while driving, DVDs being watched etc. etc., but yesterday took the cake.
I was driving up in Huntington, and while I was at a stop sign, a Mercedes SUV came around the corner. A man was driving, and his wife was holding up a styrofoam container of food. The man was holding chopsticks, and picking up food from the container while he was trying to make the turn with one hand. Seriously.
What a dick.

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