Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rhett Miller at Maxwell's in Hoboken

So I saw Rhett Miller solo for what must be at least the 20th time on April 3rd. This time, it was at Maxwell's in Hoboken. The show was really good, but was almost completely ruined for me by a bunch of loudmouth women behind me.
I was right up front, and during the opener, (Ari Shine, who was very good) these women were just blah blah blah the whole time. So I turned around and looked at this lady and after I turned around, she actually said "Yeah, I'm gonna talk the whole time he's on, and then I'm gonna sing the whole time Rhett is on." Nice attitude bitch. If you want to talk go to Starbucks. Have a little f'ing respect for the person on stage. You are standing like 4 feet from him.
And it's great that you girls all knew the words to all of the new Old 97's songs, even though the album isn't out yet, but I never heard them before, and my first impressions are tainted because of you rude bitches singing too loud to prove how cool you are.
And yeah, when Rhett sings "Singular Girl" he doesn't sing the line about the "eyes of the hydra upon you" any more. But when you all kept interjecting that line at the top of your collective lungs, it still didn't make you cool.
And when Rhett told his little story about how he is glad he doesn't sing a lot of quiet songs, because when you do, you can hear everyone's conversations you all laughed, because it was a funny story. The sad thing is, he was talking about you. You didn't get that. You didn't understand that, because you don't know what it means to have manners. And that is the reason why it was a girl's night out. Because no men could stomach being with you for an entire evening. Anyways, enough ranting. Here is a pic from the show....
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sheilas39 said...

I think I sat with the same women the next night at a WXPN dinner in Philadelphia. We sat at Rhett's table and they totally ignored the rest of the table. They had been at the NJ concert the night before. Loved your photos! Especially your favorites. Saw myself and my hubby in your Rockin the river cruise.