Wednesday, February 4, 2009

R.I.P. - Joe Ades - The Vegetable Peeler Guy

I work near Union Square in NYC. I make it a habit to go to the Greenmarket a few times a week to buy fresh organic produce. I, like thousands of others who walk by, always stop to listen to Joe Ades do his awesome pitch at selling vegetable peelers.
The guy was one of the best pitchmen I have ever seen. He would peel carrots and potatoes, and the money would just come flying out of the pockets. I bought several of them, and brought friends to see the guy, and they would end up buying them too.

Joe Ades passed away on Sunday at the age of 75. The NY Times has an obit.
He was a New York institution and one of the many reasons I love this city. He will certainly be missed.

Here is a link to a flickr photoset devoted to him (I contributed one shot a few months back) Link

If you would like to get the same peeler that he sold, you can go here:
Rosenhaus Swiss Pro Peeler

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