Thursday, February 8, 2007

I'm turning into my parents. Episode 1: Bread

Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe there is a severe lack of great new music. Maybe it is just a phase I am going through. Whatever it is, I have found myself listening to a lot of 70's smooth rock lately. The main culprit is a band I never thought I would listen to. Bread.
So mellow. So sentimental. So Sappy. So fantastic.
Their Best of album is the epitome of mellow 70's adult rock. Songs like "Baby Ima Want You" and "Everything I Own" are songs I would've laughed at a few years ago for their cheesiness. Now I think these songs are just great pop gems. Now I find myself tuning into Movin Ez on Sirius.
My newfound affection for smooth 70's rock became glaringly obvious to me a few weeks back. Before the first night of Ryan Adams at Town Hall, we were pre-gaming and headed into a bar on West 43rd called the Belgian Bar. Nothing but fine Belgian Beer, English Premier League Football on all the screens, and to top it off nothing but smooth 70's rock. The Carpenters, Doobie Brothers, America, and Bread. It was one of the best bar experiences I have had in years, and really took the load off of a stressful day at work. It put me in a great mood for a really great concert as well.

They say we inevitably turn into our parents. Hopefully I'll do it gracefully, with good tunes by my side.

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isadorable said...

70's jazz can also be lovely: Al Jarreau, George Benson.

Soulful, intelligent, well-done pop music.