Sunday, April 1, 2007

Big court win for users of technology

DRM frustrates me to no end. We spend money on technology that is supposed to make our life easier, and our entertainment experience more convenient. But the RIAA and MPAA want to control what you can and can not do with your own appliances. They don't care if you spent your hard earned money on a CD or DVD or MP3. In their minds, you are just a potential Pirate.
In fact, just a few weeks ago, a few of my customers (I own an A/V store on Long Island)had some major problems with their equipment. Several customers who had purchased (very high end) plasmas from me a few years ago, before HDMI, and were using DVI got a nasty message on their sets. Cablevision disabled their DVI outputs on their cable boxes. I guess this was to prevent them from maybe stealing a movie or something.
My customers are not thieves. They spend a lot of money on electronics and to have it suddenly stop working is absolutely criminal. And it causes big headaches for my business. How do I sell them something that might not work in two years? It isn't broken. But the MPAA decided to break it on them. Now I have to figure out alternate ways of hooking up their sets. My installers have to make unnecessary house calls. It is time and money wasted. Thank you MPAA.
This past week we had a positive step in the right direction for users of technology. Kaleidescape, a company which makes high-end DVD servers finally won their case against DVD-CCA, who was trying to say their method of allowing copying of DVDs was illegal. Kaleidescape rips your DVDs and allows you to access them via a gorgeous interface on your screen. I have had the pleasure of playing around with Kaleidescape for a few hours, and it is sweet. Trust me, at the price of these high end servers, you really don't have to worry about the people who buy them pirating movies. They have the scratch to buy the discs, and don't have the spare time to bootleg your movies. These high end customers are people you want on your side. Stop pissing them off by breaking all of their toys.
Link to official Kaleidescape press release

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Ryan said...

I've played with Kaleidescape, very very cool... im prob gonna go with a Open source alternative... like mythtv or somehting similar. Tt's not as "turn key" as Kaleidescape but is very cool.