Thursday, April 26, 2007

Flaming Lips @ Jannus Landing, Florida

So, It's been a few weeks since I posted anything here, work blah blah blah...
Back to business though. I saw the Flaming Lips at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg Florida on April 14th. Jannus Landing is an outdoor venue in a courtyard surrounded by apartments and bars. The bands play under a tent. Definitely a great venue, even if the PA system isn't the greatest.

Opening act was Star Death and the White Dwarves. The band was made up of the Flaming Lips roadies including Wayne Coyne's nephew. The sound is heavily influenced by the Lips, and they put on a good live show. Their 5 song EP is a little weak compared to the live show. Hopefully when they release a full length, it will be a lot heavier and have some more instrumental jams, which was definitely the high point of their set. They closed with a cover of Deep Purple's "Space Truckin'".

Next up were the Lips. The only way to describe their show is that it is just a big party. They select a few fans before the show to put on costumes and dance for the whole show on stage. The show started with a recording of Wesley Willis singing "The Flaming Lips", which was a great way to start. Then in came the confetti guns, smoke machines, lazers, balloons and a whole lot of fun. They played all of their hits, including "She Don't Use Jelly". There were a few somber moments, and lot of political speak which brought down the festive mood just a little bit. But they never failed to get everything back into full-on party mode. If you have never seen the Flaming Lips live, do yourself a favor and see them.

You can see a load of pictures from the show here

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Carrie said...

Oh my God, Jannus Landing. I went to so many ska concerts there back in the day (shut up, I am old and ska was popular in the 90's). Do they still allow stupid people to climb onstage and jump off into the concrete jungle of the floor, or has that lovely practice stopped?

Great place to see the Flaming Lips.