Monday, April 21, 2008

Nada Surf with Superdrag at Terminal 5

Nada Surf at Terminal 5
If you only know Nada Surf from the song "Popular", you are truly missing out. Easily one of the best live bands out there, and their last three albums are among my favorites of the last 10 years, and seem to always get stuck in my CD player.
This was my first time seeing them as a complete band. The last time I saw them was sans bass player, and acoustic (another terrific show, at the Mercury Lounge).
It is very rare to see someone in a band ask the audience to do something, and have pretty much everyone in the audience do it, but when Matthew Caws asked everyone to do this little side to side dance things while they played "Inside of Love", I'll be damned if there was a single person on the floor who didn't dance along. It was pretty sweet.
Superdrag opened the show with a full set, and they played a fine show too. I feel bad for not knowing more of their catalog. But they were a great compliment to Nada Surf's fantastic show.
Here are some pics....
Superdrag at Terminal 5
Nada Surf:
Nada Surf at Terminal 5
Nada Surf at Terminal 5
Nada Surf at Terminal 5
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