Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost: It's the little things that piss me off

Lost is one of my favorite shows, but I have a continuous love/hate relationship with it.
One thing that truly irks me is how no one ever asks anyone obvious questions.
There are so many times where this happens.
Season 3:"Hey Sun, you've been gone for a while. Where have you been?"
"Oh, on a boat. Killed an Other who was a whore from Deadwood. No, not that one. That was Sawyer's woman in the flashbacks. The other one..."

Oh Hi Ben, why is your face all smashed up?

It is just really annoying, that in an effort to keep suspense, and unanswered questions (assuming we will find out how Ben got beat up in a later episode), they make the show harder to believe. Because the first thing I would do if I saw Ben in that condition, is ask him what the hell happened. But no, just have a seat and enjoy the ride.
I love the show, but boy does stuff like this piss me off.
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