Monday, March 2, 2009

New Cursive album available now!

Cursive at Mercury Lounge
The New Cursive album is available now for download from the Saddle Creek Website. And the sooner you buy it, the cheaper it is. Today, it is only 2 bucks!
From the Cursive site: Yesterday, Saddle Creek and Cursive began offering the band’s new album Mama, I’m Swollen as a digital download for only $1 through the Saddle Creek website, launching a special promotion to allow fans to buy the album early at a lower cost. For the next 10 days, the new album will be available at a pro-rated price that will increase by $1 each day (i.e., the price is $2 today, $3 on March 3rd, $4 on March 4th, etc.). When the record hits stores on March 10th, the digital album will then remain at the regular price of $9.
Download at the Saddle Creek Site
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