Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stay Classy NY Post

Here is the cover of yesterday's NY Post.

Do you think they could come up with a more inflammatory headline (no pun intended)?
If the NY Post reporters were even watching any of the footage of the protests, or knew anything about Iran, they would have noticed that the vast majority of people on the streets were not wearing turbans. Even Ahmadinejad does not wear a turban.
But that doesn't really matter to the Post. They want to appeal to their base, who don't really care about little things like facts.

Update: Not only is the headline awful, it isn't even original. They used the same headline to generate some mock outrage about Obama last year...
Link to old Post Article
If you are going to come up with some cheap racist jokes, at least be original.

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Anonymous said...

No more offensive than the headline they ran after David Carradine died... "Hung Fu". Unfortunately, I've come to expect this kind of crap from them.